Lucia Yoon profile picture

Hello! I’m Lucia,
a UX designer
based in Toronto.

As a physiotherapist turned UX designer, I leverage my passion for helping people and solving complex problems towards creating human-centered products that improve lives.

During my time as a physiotherapist, I organically developed keen analytical and problem-solving skills. Since no two bodies or minds are the same, working with people meant I faced new problems every single day. I spent countless hours listening to patients, collecting information, and synthesizing data to come up with treatment strategies unique to each patient. There was a lot of trial and error in the process and it fascinated me to learn what helped, what didn’t, and why.

When I learned about the world of UX design, I was immediately drawn to the idea of combining my interests in helping others and problem-solving with technology. Since technology is now an essential part of human lives, I felt that solving problems through digital solutions would allow me to create a bigger impact, simply by reaching more people.

Now as a UX designer, I truly enjoy applying everything I learned as a healthcare professional to create seamless and joyful experiences for users.